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    LEGO Muji New Products 2011 (Bricks & Paper)

    Earlier this year, we’ve reported the launch of the new LEGO Muji Theme (レゴ無印良品 / 樂高無印良品). It appears that the line is pretty popular as more new LEGO Muji products are now available for sale! LEGO Muji products are quite similar to origami, but it basically adds/uses LEGO pieces on it. Thanks to Jeff for contacting us with the news again.

    At this point in time, LEGO Muji products are available exclusively only at Muji Brand Stores and select Meiji online sites. Stores are located in almost all developed countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. To see all the new Muji LEGO products, please visit

    LEGO Muji Christmas Party

    LEGO Muji Hole Puncher Stapler (complements LEGO Muji sets)

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    If you are into the Clone Wars series or want to know where the new LEGO Star Wars sets are coming from, now has Star Wars: Clone Wars Complete Season 3 DVD available for pre-order for $29.99 (reg.$44.99). Blu-Ray is available for $39.99 (reg.$59.99) too. Expected shipping date is October 18, 2011. Don’t forget that Amazon also offers FREE Shipping on all orders above $25 and no tax for most states as well.

    Below is also a quick update of the new LEGO deals and prices.

    LEGO Deals

    Tip: We only provided a sample of the hottest LEGO products on sale. For more deals, please check out the LEGO Bestsellers List.

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    Update 2: There is another website glitch at Kmart. Apparently, the deal only works if you buy 2 of the same sets. Buying different sets will not activate the discount.

    Update: It appears you can get FREE Shipping on all toy orders above $49 until December 16. Use our affiliate coupon code KMFUN to receive an extra $5 off $45. Also, for some reason (website glitch?), Anakin’s Podracers and Hogwarts Castle are not working for the sale. Thanks to forum member natelite for the heads up.


    This week from October 9-15, Kmart will be offering a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off LEGO Sale! Offer valid for ALL LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter and City theme sets. Maximize your savings up to 25% off by purchasing sets of equal value. Order online before Monday, October 10 online and you can get FREE Shipping on orders above $75 when you use coupon code COLUMBUS.

    *This appears to be the best Bricktober sale for week 2 as the sales at Toys R Us and Target are quite weak.

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    Forum member hebc informs us that Target will be having 20% off select LEGO City and Basic Bricks including Duplo from October 9-15.  LEGO Games Meteor Strike and Heroica Games are also on sale for $17.99 (reg.$19.99). All other LEGO Games sets are on sale as well. Thanks to forum member dho7622u for providing the list of on sale products (listed below are the LEGO City ones).

    LEGO City

    City Cargo Train: 170.99 (from 179.99)
    City Passenger Train: 123.49 (from 129.99)
    Police Station: 79.99 (from 99.99)
    City Fire Station: 63.99 (from 79.99)
    City Corner 56.99 (from 59.99)
    City Bank and Money Transfer 39.99 (from 49.99)
    City Fire Ship: 41.41 (from 43.59)
    City Mobile Police: 35.99 (from 44.99)
    City Police Boat: 31.99 (from 39.99)
    City Train Station: 37.99 (from 39.99)
    City Fire Off Road:Truck 31.99 (from 39.99)
    City Truck: 27.99 (from 34.99)
    City Fire Truck:18.38 (from 22.99)
    City Level Crossing 18.99 (from 19.99)
    City Prisoner Transport 15.99 (from 19.99)
    City Camper 13.59 (from 16.99)
    City Police Dog Unit: 10.39 (from 12.99)
    City off road Fire: 8.79 (from 10.99)
    City Police Helicopter: 7.99 (from 9.99)

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    [UK] November 2011 LEGO Store Calendar

    Forum member Oboe informs us that the November 2011 LEGO Store Calendar for United Kingdom is out! This month’s FREE gift is a LEGO Pick a Brick Box with purchases above £50. The new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 4184 Black Pearl will be available on November 10 too.

    From November 22-28, there will be suprise savings for Black Friday. You can also get another FREE Limited Edition LEGO Holiday set (Part 2) during that time.

      0 Forum Comments currently has LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 4183 The Mill on sale for £30.29 (reg.£40.99). Savings works out to be 26% off. In addition, many LEGO Hero Factory sets that were released this summer have been discounted. Online orders for destinations to United Kingdom/Britain (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) will qualify for FREE Shipping (no minimum purchase) too.

    Note: ships to the following European countries as well: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Andorra, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Vatican city, Poland. Orders above £25 will qualify for FREE Shipping.

    Hero Factory Deals (Released just this summer!)

    • 37% off – Waspix £6.29 (reg.£9.99)
    • 35% off – Scorpio £11.69 (reg.£17.99)
    • 34% off – Rocka XL £14.49 (reg.£21.99)

    LEGO Books

    Tip: We only provided a sample of the hottest LEGO products on sale. For more deals, please check out the LEGO Bestsellers List.

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    The winner for our Top LEGO Set Reviewer September 2011 Contest is forum member hatcher! Congrats for winning the prize package consisting of LEGO Toy Story 7595 Army Men on Patrol and Prince of Persia 7569 Desert Attack.

    If you missed out on this contest, not to worry as we have a Holiday LEGO Building Contest going on right now!

    *Prizes and shipping are sponsored by Toys N Bricks. Winners will be contacted with details on how to claim their prize.

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