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    LEGO Series 11 minifigures are apparently now available for sale in Poland! Herman Napierala from Brickset has provided an instruction sheet containing the minifigures sheet for 71002 LEGO Series 11 Minifigures. Thanks to forum member slacker for the news.

    What do you think of this new series? There’s obviously no special “Mr.Gold” minifigure in this series!

    LEGO 71002 Series 11 Minifigures (Pre)

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    LEGO Lake Town Chase The Hobbit 2013

    LEGO today has revealed another set at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Lake Town Chase 79013 Hobbit contains 334 pieces and will include 5 minifigures. Available December 2013 and will retail at $49.99 USD. Thanks to everyone that contacted us with the news.

    Lake Town Chase 79013 Lord of the Rings Set

    LEGO The Hobbit Lake Town Chase

    Masashi writes in to inform us that the new LEGO 21103 Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine is now available for sale in limited quantities at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con LEGO Booth (and also participating European LEGO Stores). For more details and pictures of this set, please visit LEGO Cuusoo. As mentioned over at the official Back to the Future site, 1% of net sales from this set will go towards Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

    LEGO 21103 BTTF Time Machine - Toysnbricks

    The set will be officially for sale to the general public on August 1st at LEGO Shop at Home, LEGO Brand Stores and select retail stores for $34.99 USD / €34,99 EURO.

    LEGO Marty Mcfly and Emmett Doc Brown Minifigures

    LEGO BTTF 21103 Marty McFly & Emmett Doc Brown Minifigures - Toysnbricks

    Like Masashi’s BTTF Time Machine and want more LEGO BTTF sets in the future? Then be sure to support his other awesome LEGO BTTF Cuusoo creations! Once 10 000 votes have been achieved, the LEGO Cuusoo team will review the set and if everything passes, it will be made into an official LEGO set.

    He also informs us that he will also be making the following sets in the coming months:

    • August 2013: “Marty’s Toyota Pick up”
    • September 2013: “Doc’s Big Truck with radiation suits on Marty and Doc “
    • October 2013: “Griff’s Future Vehicle”
    • November 2013: “Locomotive 131”

    The LEGO Booth at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con is selling two exclusive sets that is not available outside of the convention. That Bag End Hobbit set is definitely going to be a product that most people would want! (via FBTB)

    Hobbit Micro Scale Bag End

    This Lord of the Rings Hobbit set is a miniature version of the Bag End House (LEGO Unexpected Gathering). The set contains 130 pieces and will also include Bilbo Baggins minifigure. Price is $39.99 USD.

    LEGO The Hobbit Micro Scale Bag End SDCC 2013 Exclusive

    Jek-14 MINI Stealth Starfighter (SDCC 2013 Version)

    The LEGO Star Wars JEK-14 MINI Stealth Starfighter contains a unique clone pilot minifigure. Contains 105 pieces and will be priced at $39.99.

    LEGO Star Wars JEK-14 Mini Stealth Starfighter SDCC 2013 Exclusive

    2014 LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker Set

    The 2014 AT-AP LEGO Star Wars Walker set was unveiled this morning at the San Diego Comic Con. This new version will be priced at $69.99 US and contains 717 pieces. As for minifigures, there will be 5 including a new Commander Gree, a new Wookie and three droids (regular, commander, super). Available March 2014. (via Brothers Brick and Groove Bricks)

    LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker 2014 SDCC

    It wasn’t too long when they had the older version. For your information, the 2008 AT-AP Walker 7671 version one was priced at $39.99 US and had 392 pieces. Two minifigures (Red Shock Clone Trooper) were included. Aside from the price and the minifigures (and maybe some slight adjustments and details), are there any other notable differences?

    LEGO Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker (2008 Version)LEGO Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker (