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    This is just a reminder that the 25% off one item deal at and Chapters stores is ending tomorrow (Sunday, August 4th)! You can get 25% off one item including LEGO when you use promo code GETONEFOR25OFF. For store purchases, use this coupon. As always, Chapters online offers free shipping on orders above $25 with free returns to stores.

    The code can be used multiple times as long as you place separate orders. You can check out all of the new Summer 2013 sets here. They also got LEGO Mindstorms NXT2.0 instock as well!

    LEGO Star Wars 75020 Jabba’s Sail Barge - Toysnbricks

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    Harold writes in to inform us that his German LEGO Brand Store at  Wiesbaden now has the new LEGO Summer 2013 sets in-stock. This includes the new LEGO Friends Series 3 polybags as well as the LEGO Series 11 Minifigures.

    LEGO 71002 Series 11 Minifigures (Pre)

    Deedsy3 writes in to inform us that Wal-Mart stores has started to put quite a few LEGO sets on clearance to make room for the new Summer 2013 sets. Some of them are pretty new too! He reports finding the following:

    • Sith Fury class Interceptor 9500 $49.00 Retail $89.00
    • AT-RT 75002 $13.00 Retail $19.99
    • Superman vs Power Armor Lex 6862 $13.00 Retail $19.99
    • Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout 6868 $35.00 Retail $49.99
    • Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 $49.00 Retail $69.99
    • The Mines of Moria 9473 $55.00 Retail $79.99
    • Ultra Sonic Raider 9449 $59.00 Retail $79.99
    • Samurai Mech 9448 $30.00 Retail $39.99

    Lots more sets on clearance can be found in our LEGO In-Store Clearance Deals Forum (forum member Jeffrey provided a long list). As always, prices and selection may vary depending on your location. However, it appears that most people are finding the same sets on sale for the same price.

    LEGO Star Wars 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor - Toysnbricks

    This Saturday only (August 3rd), Toys R Us America will be offering LEGO Creator 31002 Super Racer and 31004 Fierce Flyer on sale for $9 (reg.$14.99). Works out to be 40% off so its actually a pretty good deal at Toys R Us this time! Limit 4 per customer. Thanks to forum member Nepenthe7 for the heads up.

    LEGO 31004 Creator Fierce Flyer - Toysnbricks

    Target Canada stores are offering quite a few sets on clearance for 50% off in order to make shelve space for the new sets. Thanks to forum member ninjabot4 for the heads up.

    • Attack at Weathertop $37.5 (reg.$74.99) – Retired Product
    • Mines of Moria $50 (reg.$99.99)
    • Shelob Attacks $12.5 (reg.$24.99)
    • Tie fighter $35 (reg.$69.99)
    • Orc forge $25 (reg.$49.99) – Target Exclusive
    • Some smaller Superheroes sets 50% off

    LEGO 9473 Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria - Toysnbricks