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    Update: LEGO Atlantis 30042 Mini Sub is also available. (thanks peanut)

    It looks like Wal-Mart is getting some Easter Promotional Polybags this year as well. LEGO Star Wars 8028 & 30051 polybags were available last year at Target for a limited time. If you miss out picking them up, now would be a good time! The only new promotional polybag that was never released before is LEGO City 30013. All3 LEGO polybag sets are priced at $3.97 each. Thanks to forum member tommy20 for the news.

    • City 30013 Police Buggy 
    • Star Wars 30051 Mini X-Wing
    • Star Wars 8028 Mini Tie Fighter

     You can discuss about these polybags availability here.

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    Daniel writes in with news that LEGO Minifigures 8804 Series 4 are now available at Wal-Mart Canada. Price went up and is now $3.28. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite LEGO Series 4 Minifigure here!

    You can discuss about LEGO Series 4 Availability in Canada here.

    If you miss the last sale, Amazon now has LEGO Star Wars Slave I back instock and on sale for $60 (reg.$79.99). Don’t forget that Amazon also offers FREE Shipping with purchases above $25 and no tax for most States as well.

    Other LEGO Deals

    You can discuss about this sale here.

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    From March 18-20, will have 40% off ALL products including LEGO! The prices are in USD. Discount will be applied during the last step of checkout. Add coupon code SWSCAB5 to receive an extra $5 off $30 purchase. Click here to buy now. Thanks to forum member sermihage and JabbaT for the heads up.

    You can discuss about this deal here.

    This week from March 18-24, ToysRUs Canada will be having their “Lowest Prices of the Season” sale. Check out these deals! Online orders above $100 will qualify for FREE Shipping as well. More details available in our forums.

    • 50% off LEGO Atlantis Shadow Snapper $19.87 (reg.$39.99)
    • 50% off LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Bus $14.87 (reg.$29.99)
    • FREE LEGO Mini Republic Shuttle with purchase of any platform LEGO Star Wars III Game
    • LEGO Activity Table $129.97 (reg.$169.99)

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    Lego Star Wars III Video Game Website

    Forum member mrfootball brings us news us that now has the LEGO Star Wars III Video Game Website up and running. There’s tons of cool stuff there so be sure to check it out.

    What do you think of the site and the game? Discuss in our forums!

    New Smaller Reduced LEGO Box Size?

    Forum member cowbug reports seeing a new smaller reduced box size for LEGO Star Wars 8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter (there may be more) at his local Wal-Mart in USA. He also reports that there is a new barcode for the new smaller box one. This may be the beginning of TLG’s effort in reducing their LEGO boxes. In reality, most of these boxes are way to big in the first place. By making the boxes smaller, LEGO can probably save on shipping and packaging materials. But of course, LEGO will have a tougher time selling them with smaller boxes. Afterall, putting 7749 Echo Base into a battlepack box size will probably not sell as well.

    Did you find new smaller box sizes at your local store and are you in favor of TLG reducing LEGO Box Size? Join the discussion in our forums!

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