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    Target USA is having loads of LEGO clearances right now with savings up to 50% off. Forum members cowbug and PerryShops informs us that the most recent find is the new just released LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 4184 The Black Pearl for $49.99 (reg.$99.99). Note however that clearance prices may differ depending on location. Please visit our LEGO Sales & Deals Forum for more details.

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    [Canada] Wal-Mart 20% off LEGO Sale

    This week from October 28-November 3, Wal-Mart Canada will be offering 20% off the 3 LEGO sets listed below. Sale price is $39.44 each (reg.$49.99). Thanks to forum member unclephn for the news.

    • Alien Conquest 7067 Jet-Copter Encounter
    • Pirates of the Caribbean 4183 the Mill
    • Star Wars 7868 Mace Windu’s Jedi Starfighter

      1 Forum Comment currently has LEGO City 7939 Cargo Train on sale for €109,45 (reg.€139,9). Savings works out to be 21% off. Keep in mind however that prices can fluctuate anytime. Trouvé une bonne affaire? Laisser le Jouets N Briques personnel sait!

    Note: ships to all Eurozone countries as well as international countries including Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The prices and shipping charges are very reasonable to the point that if you are from Japan, you’ll probably end up paying a lower price from compared to International countries will also receive 16.4% off the listed price because you do not need to pay VAT (value added tax).

    Other European Amazon sites like,, and ships worldwide as well. However, most of their prices are a lot higher and many of their items will not ship outside of the Eurozone. seems to have the cheapest prices and the most amount of LEGO that can be shipped outside of France.

    Recommended LEGO Deals (convert € to your country’s currency to see how much you save!)

    *Prices shown above do not include the 16.4% VAT discount and shipping charges. Literally speaking, the removal of this VAT pays off the shipping charges (for big sets) meaning you pretty much get the prices shown above. It is also a better deal when you order more as shipping charges only goes up a bit for each new item added. Just keep in mind that you may be subject to customs depending on your country.

    For Canada, it appears the best deal is LEGO City Cargo Train as that ends up to be roughly 45% off retail. Thanks to forum member Tomatoe and others for the heads up on this great find!

    Tip: We only provided a sample of the hottest LEGO products on sale. For more deals, please check out the LEGO Bestsellers List.

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    ALL LEGO Shop@Home countries have just discounted the Halloween 2011 Mini Promotional LEGO 40021 Spiders set by 50% off. Thanks to forum member legodeal for the heads up.

    Don’t forget you can also get FREE Shipping and part 1 of the Limited Edition Christmas set for FREE at Shop@Home (USA | Canada | UK) right now when you spend $99/£50. Plus, Double VIP points promotion! All 3 offers are stackable making this a very nice promotion. Offer ends on October 31st, 2011.


    *If you are from Germany, France or Denmark, you can get this set for FREE too. However, there is no FREE Shipping offer.

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    3 new LEGO Ninjago 2012 Mini Promotional Polybags sets have been revealed at Instructions Download Page (set names are not yet available). Thanks to forum member Mantisking for the news. (via Brickset)

    Like all LEGO polybag mini sets, these should be available in the future at various retailers as seasonal holiday items. For UK, it may be available later on in the Daily Mirror or The Sun Newspaper.

    LEGO 30085

    LEGO 30086

    LEGO 30087

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    The 5th and final week of Bricktober is now here! From October 28 – November 3, Toys R Us Canada will offering the following LEGO deals listed below. Plus, from October 28-30, you can scratch and save $5 or $25 off instores when you spend $75. Online orders above $100 will qualify for FREE Shipping as well.

    Bricktober Week 5 LEGO Deals

    • $40 for 2 on ALL $24.99 sets (20% off)
    • $60 for 2 on ALL $39.99 sets (25% off)
    • 25% off these LEGO Bricks & More (5585 Pink Brick Box, 5560 Large Pink Brick Box, 5930 Road Construction Building Set, 6166 Ultimate LEGO Building Set, 6177 Builders of Tomorrow)

    Week 4 Bricktober Promotion

    • FREE LEGO Harry Potter 30111 The Lab Promotional Polybag w/$35 LEGO Purchase

      11 Forum Comments currently has LEGO Ninjago 2508 Blacksmith Shop on sale for $15 (reg.$19.99). Don’t forget that Amazon also offers FREE Shipping on all orders above $25 and no tax for most states as well. Thanks to forum member FireWolf for the heads up.

    Tip: We only provided a sample of the hottest LEGO products on sale. For more deals, please check out the LEGO Bestsellers List.

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    So this year’s Bricktober minifigure magnets was a bit disappointing because they’re glued. Hopefully, this little raffle will make up for it as we’ll be giving away two rare non-glued 2010 minifigure magnets. The winner will receive last year’s Bricktober Minifigure as well as a Classic Spaceman Minifigure. Both figures are new in polybag packaging and are detachable. Wanna know how to win them? Find out in our forums!

    • LEGO Black Falcon Bricktober 2010 Minifigure Magnet (4613832)
    • LEGO Classic Spaceman Minifigure Magnet (2855028)


    *Raffle giveaway is open until Halloween, October 31st at 9pm PST.

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