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    Browsing Posts published by TnB currently has LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave on sale for $29.39 (reg.$39.99). Don’t forget that Amazon offers FREE Shipping on orders above $25 and no tax for most states as well.

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    Sponsored Links has LEGO City 66357 Fire Station Super Pack 4 in 1 for £40 (reg.£79.99). The 4 sets included are LEGO City Fire Station, Fire Truck, Off-Road Fire Rescue, and Fire Chief Car. If you purchase each set separately, total value is £91. This means that total actual savings works out to be 56% off! Online orders for destinations to Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) will qualify for FREE Shipping (no minimum purchase).

    Note: ships to the following European countries as well: Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Andorra, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Vatican city, Poland. Orders above £25 will qualify for FREE Shipping.

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    Update 2: Forum member stevenkok makes the first confirmation that the 50% off coupon scan from lukeskywalker works. Do note however that other cashiers may reject the coupon still.

    Update: Forum member lukeskywalker has provided us a better 50% off coupon scan that looks more like the real thing. Rumors are also circulating that the original coupons are being handed out at closing Borders stores.

    Borders Instores has a 50% off coupon good for one item. Coupon good until May 9. This time, there’s no exclusion for Toys & Games so LEGO qualifies! Unforunately, the coupon we have right now is photocopied so its not valid. You can however still see it in our Sales & Deals Forum. Thanks to forum member GuaranteedUnity  for the news.

    Note: Closing stores will not accept these coupons.

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    [WORLD] Buy LEGO at USA MSRP Prices

    Due to the amount of emails we’ve been receiving inquiring where to buy LEGO at good prices (for countries outside of US), we figured this post would serve as a guide for buying at (Barnes & Nobles). Below is a guide meant for those that are outside of the United States. If you are from United States, you will get FREE Shipping on orders above $25.

    BN Shipping Rates has very reasonable shipping rates for those outside of the United States. (if your from United States, you get FREE Shipping) They have a good LEGO selection and doesn’t charge a premium shipping rate like 3rd party US shipping service providers. Listed below are the shipping rates for worldwide. What makes it even better is that the rates are still the same regardless of how big the item is. So the bigger the item, the better the deal!

    • United States: FREE Shipping on Orders above $25
    • Canada: First Item $6.48, Additional Items $2.49 each
    • International: First Item $12.98, Additional Items $5.49 each

    BN Price Comparsion

    We’re not going to do every single set at with prices for each country, but will show you an example on the Queen’s Annes Revenge set.

    Take a look and see how much you are saving compared to buying from your local retailers. We did not list every single country but we assume that you get the point. As you can see, savings are around the 20-40% off range even though the prices are at US MSRP and you have to pay for shipping. *Prices listed below may differ slightly due to live exchange rates and does not include your country’s tax. Currency updated as of July 28, 2011.

    Queen’s Annes Revenge cost $119.99 USD. Here are the conversion rates with shipping for the first item included. As you can see, Australia gets the biggest discount which also means that they suffer the most in paying MSRP prices.

    • Australia: 40% off – $120.97 AUD (retails at $199.99 AUD)
    • Canada: 20% off – $120.11 CAD (retails at $149.99 CAD)
    • France: 33% off – €92.65 EUR (retails at €139,90 EUR)
    • Germany: 29% off – €92.65 EUR (retails at €129,99 EUR)
    • United Kingdom: 21% off – £81.09 GBP (retails at £102.99 GBP)

    Remember the example above is only for one item (you pay the highest shipping rate for one item). The more you buy, the better the savings because of the reduced shipping rate. Now do the math for yourself on the other LEGO sets at!

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    Its been almost half a year since the sale started, but suprisingly still has them instock! The discontinued LEGO Minifigures 8684 Series 2 is sold out everywhere so this may be your last chance if you still don’t have them.

    Maximize savings for Buy 3 Get 1 FREE works out to be 25% off which is equivalent to $2.24 (reg.$2.99) for each minifigure. To make the deal even sweeter, there’s FREE Shipping on orders above $75 for destinations to Canada.

    Note: Mastermind Toys are based in Ontario, Canada but ships to United States as well. Just keep in mind that you will have to pay for shipping.

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    Update: The set name “Zombie Pirates” has been changed back to “Captain’s Cabin”.

    The release time was delayed by an hour, but North America now has eight LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets instock. Note that 4191 “Captain’s Cabin” is known as “Zombie Pirates”. Don’t forget until April 29, you can get a FREE LEGO Creator Lizard with purchases above $35 as well! Unforunately, these sets are not yet available outside of North America yet. 

    Shop Now: USA | Canada

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    Forum member Selby-Tiger shares a review on the LEGO Star Wars 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack set. If you are a forum member, don’t forget to submit your ratings!

    Buy Now: $11.99 USA | $14.99 Canada | £9.99 UK

    Write a Review and share it with us in the LEGO Reviews Forum!

      5 Forum Comments now has their LEGO clearances further reduced to 50% off. Supplies are limited and only while quantites last! Thanks to forum member gabriellee11 for the news.

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