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    LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK) is having a LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sale! From September 30 to October 2, there will be promotional offers.

    United Kingdom and select European countries
    -Free 30602 LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Minifigure with qualifying purchase (appears to be LEGO Star Wars products)
    -Triple VIP Points on qualifying purchase (LEGO Star Wars products)
    -See What’s New: UK

    North America
    -Double VIP Points on qualifying purchase (LEGO Star Wars products)
    -FREE Exclusive Ultimate Lavaria Nexo Knights set w/$50 purchase (item is still being shown up on checkout so they probably still have some leftover from last month’s promotion)
    -See What’s New: US | Canada


    Don’t forget that the new LEGO Star Wars 75159 Death Star is also now available as well! This is a remake version of the previous 2008 Death Star set.
    LEGO Star Wars 75159 Death Star Box 2016

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    New Fall 2016 LEGO Star Wars Sets Now Available

    The next new wave of LEGO Star Wars Sets are now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK) and Amazon (US). Some sets are already on sale at Amazon including LEGO Star Wars 75153 AT-ST Walker for $32.82 (reg.$39.99).

    75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle


    75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter


    75154 TIE Striker (reg.$69.99)


    75153 AT-ST Walker (reg.$39.99)


    75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank (reg.$29.99)

    75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso (reg.$24.99)


    75120 K-2SO (reg.$24.99)


    75121 Imperial Death Trooper (reg.$24.99)


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    New Wave of LEGO Dimensions Packs Now Available

    A new wave of LEGO Dimensions Packs are now available for sale at Amazon America. There’s a few interesting themes ranging from Mission Impossible, Adventure Time and Ghostbusters. Don’t forget that they also have a new PS4 LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack featuring the exclusive Supergirl Minifigure! Thanks to Jeff for writing in with the news.

    71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack (reg.$49.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack

    71245 Adventure Time Team Pack (reg.$29.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71245 Adventure Time Level Pack - Toysnbricks

    71246 Adventure Time Team Pack (reg.$24.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71246 Adventure Time Team Pack - Toysnbricks

    71247 Harry Potter Team Pack (reg.$24.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71247 Harry Potter Team Pack - Toysnbricks

    71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack (reg.$29.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack - Toysnbricks

    71251 A-Team Fun Pack (reg.$11.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71251 A Team Fun Pack

    LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS4 – With exclusive Supergirl Minifigure

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    Clone Brand LEPIN – LEGO Files Court Action

    The LEGO Group is taken action on a clone brand known as LEPIN. Their bricks are interchangeable with LEGO pieces. They currently have many sets that look very similar to LEGO, but sells at drastic reduced prices.

    LEPIN LEGO Clone Brand


    Official LEGO product – LEGO Star Wars 75149 Resistance X-Wing Fighter


    Below is more information regarding LEGO’s actions on LEPIN:

    We would like to confirm that the LEGO Group have recently filed civil actions in China against the manufacturer and distributor of LEPIN branded construction toys. Our cases have been accepted by Chinese courts and are now pending for trials. We expect the 1st instance decision to be handed down in approximately one years’ time. Please note that LEPIN will not be legally barred from marketing and selling its products while the case is being heard by the courts.

    We deeply appreciate and share the LEGO community’s concern and frustration about passing-off or imitation of LEGO products. We are committed to do whatever necessary to protect the LEGO brand and products against undue exploitation, and to minimize the risk of consumers being misled via improper use of LEGO Group intellectual property assets.

    We want to thank all of you for your loyalty and support.

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    The details for LEGO Bricktober 2016 is now here! You can an exclusive LEGO Minifigure Collection when you spend $75 or more on LEGO building sets. There’s also details for the next two month’s worth of LEGO events. These include free mini builds. Thanks to forum member hatcher for the news.

    LEGO Bricktober 2016 Minifigure Collection Exclusive Gifts

    -LEGO Musicians Minifigure Collection (September 30 to October 6)
    -LEGO Warriors Minifigure Collection (October 7-13)
    -LEGO Athletes Minifigure Collection (October 14-20)
    -LEGO Cops & Robbers Minifigure Collection (October 21-27)

    In addition, you also qualify for a free LEGO Minifigure build when you spend $25 or more each week on any LEGO building sets. These minifigure build/sets include a mini LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer, LEGO Spider-Man vs The Venom Symbiote, LEGO Nexo Knights Minifigure and LEGO Ninjago Minifigure.


    LEGO October & November 2016 Building Events at ToysRUs Canada Brictober

    Finally, Toys R Us Canada will also have additional LEGO events as well. They will have a LEGO Nexo Knights Monster Make & Take on October 18, a LEGO City & LEGO Friends Make & Take on October 22 and a LEGO 2 in 1 Holiday Make and Take on November 19. For November 12, they will be having a LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Trade in Event.


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    Canada ToysRUs LEGO Sale: September 23-29

    This week from September 23-29, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 20% off ALL LEGO Jurassic World, Scooby-Doo and Angry Birds building sets. In addition, select LEGO Nexo Knights and Technic building sets will also be on sale. Thanks to forum member hatcher for the news.


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    As advertised on the LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar for November 2016, LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home will be offering a unique gift for Brick Friday 2016! From November 25-28, you get this neat little looking Snowglobe LEGO set (#40223) when you spend $99 or more. The set includes a LEGO Santa Claus minifigure.

    Black Friday November 2016 LEGO 40223 Snowglobe Exclusive Gift


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    November 2016 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar


    The November 2016 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar is now out. From November 1-15, you can get a free holiday ornament when you spend $50 or more. From November 28 to December 11, you can get a free 2017 Wall Calendar. The monthly mini model build this months appears to be a orange fox. (calendar obtained from reddit and brickfan)


    Black Friday LEGO 2016 November Sale

    During Brick Friday/Black Friday, LEGO Brand Retail Stores and Shop at Home will be offering specials as well. From November 19-20, VIPs get early access to Brick Friday deals as well as double VIP points. From November 25-28, you can get a free exclusive Snowglobe gift with purchases above $99 or more. Brick Friday specials will also be available as well.



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