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    LEGO Creation: Viking Longship Devourer

    Check out this cool creation from forum member tankm. He really implemented the parts from LEGO Ninjago 9450 Epic Dragon Battle quite well with this Viking ship!  Got a cool creation? Share it with us in the LEGO Cool Creations Forum.

    [MOC] Viking Longship Devourer

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    Target & Wal-Mart stores in America are having their end of winter 2015 LEGO clearance with savings in the 50% off range. At Target, 50% off finds include, but not limited to 76013 Batman: The Joker Steam Roller and 70815 Movie Super Secret Police Dropship. Over at Wal-Mart, there are also many LEGO clearance reports including 76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue for $35 (reg.$75).

    Check the Toys N Bricks forums for more great finds. Special thanks to the forum members that have shared their finds with us!

    76021 LEGO Super Heroes The Milano Spaceship Rescue - Toysnbricks

    Forum Discussion: Wal-Mart Winter LEGO Clearance | Target Winter LEGO Clearance

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    Until March 8, and Chapters stores will be offering 20% off ALL LEGO City & LEGO Classic sets. Free shipping on orders above $25. Thanks to forum members darbee for the news.

    Chapters Canada LEGO City & Class Sale March 2015

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    LEGO Speed Champions F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck 75913 - Toysnbricks March is now here and its a new month of offers! For this month, there are different offers depending on where you live. Offers are different for North America (USA | Canada) and United Kingdom, Europe and Oceania. The retired LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit is also still available for sale in all regions.

    North America March 2015 LEGO Offers
    -FREE LEGO Bionicle Hero Pack with any purchase (valid March 1-20)
    -FREE Elves Azaris’s Magic Fire polybag with any LEGO Elves purchase (valid March 1-31)
    -Double VIP Points (March 14-19)
    -Shop Now:  USA | Canada

    For those living in United Kingdom, Europe and Oceania, below are this month’s offers. These offers are good for the entire month.

    Europe/Australia March 2015 LEGO Offers

    -FREE Exclusive Winter Solider Minifigure with purchase of LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier
    -FREE Elves Gift with any Disney Princess, Elves or LEGO Friends purchase over 25GP/30EUR
    -FREE DUPLO Snail with any DUPLO purchase

    LEGO Winter Solider Marvel Super Heroes Minifigure March 2015 UK Promotion - Toysnbricks

    2015 March New Product Launch

    Lots of new LEGO sets are being released in March including Speed Champions, Pirates, Elves, Super Heroes Age of Ultron and SHIELD Helicarrier. Amazon should be carrying the sets soon as well too. See What’s NewUSCanada | UK

    For additional offers, events and promotions, please check the March 2015 LEGO Store Calendar.

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    Forum member StClair informs us that his local Kroger Grocery store in Kentucky currently has 70817 LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack on clearance for $3 (reg.$9.99).

    Forum member 911diecast also reports to us an assistant manager told him that Kroger affiliate stores are going through a remodel and that toys will no longer be available for sale.

    LEGO Movie 70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack - Toysnbricks

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    This week from February 27 to March 5, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 20% off select LEGO City, Junior and Duplo building sets. Free shipping on orders above $25.

    LEGO City Pickup Tow Truck 60081 - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Chima 30256 Ice Bear Mech has been spotted at a Toys R Us store in America. It is available beginning March 1st at Toys RUs stores in America. This polybag was previously available at Target stores in America back in December 2014. Toys R Us is selling them for $4.49. Thanks to forum member phantasmo33 for the news.

    LEGO Chima Ice Bear Mech Polybag Set 30256 - Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Douglas DC-3 Plane creation by Ssorg has reached 10 000 supporters. Congrats! This was creation was created on May 23rd, 2012 when LEGO Cuusoo was still functioning. You can check out the full creation here.

    LEGO DC-3 Plane Potential LEGO Ideas Set

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