Many countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan suffer from high LEGO prices. If you want to get some great LEGO Bargains, read our recommendations below. These LEGO Retailers ship worldwide at very reasonable prices and shipping rates.

1) Amazon France – Introduction 

Note: Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain also ship worldwide with similar shipping rates. However, only a few items ship outside of Europe.

Amazon France is one of the few Amazon sites that actually ships worldwide. Their shipping rates and prices are quite reasonable. They are also one of the best international retailers as there are always some LEGO sets discounted.



If you have difficulties understanding French, you can read our brief translation guide on how to checkout at Amazon France. You can also use Google Translate or the built in translator on your browser to help you navigate through the Amazon France site.

Shipping Rates (FREE Shipping for France on orders above €15)

Amazon France ships most items to Europe and International Countries including Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Their international shipping charges are reasonable and all of their prices are comparable to the US.

International Note: As of December 15, 2011, Amazon France has removed the cheap shipping option for international customers causing prices to be a bit higher. Fortunately, if you are from Canada or US, you are unaffected and can still get the cheap shipping option. Feel free to join in our discussion regarding this here.

Tax Discount

All listed prices on Amazon France includes a Euro VAT (value added tax). If you live outside of Europe, you will receive an extra 16.4% off the listed price because you do not need to pay that tax. Tax discount will be shown during the final stage of checkout. Literally speaking, the removal of this VAT pays off the shipping charges (for big sets) meaning you pretty much get the prices shown in the listing. It is also a better deal when you order more as shipping charges doesn’t go up much for each new item added.


You may be subject to customs/taxes depending on your country. Below is a general guideline (most likely scenario for it) based on our members’ reports. A discussion for Amazon France Customs and Brokerage is available here.

  • United States: No tax
  • Canada: $8.5 Handling Fee + 5-15.5% Provincial Tax on the item value
  • Australia: No tax if under $1000 AUD
  • Singapore: No tax if under $400 SGD including shipping charges
  • Hong Kong: No tax

Price Comparison

Convert € to your country’s currency and see how much you save! As a tip, you should always factor currency conversion and compare your country’s MSRP prices before buying. Keep in mind that you may be subject to customs depending on your country.

Check the Amazon France LEGO Bestsellers List and start shopping today!

2) Barnes & Nobles – Introduction

Barnes & Nobles is a large USA based bookstore that also carries a wide selection of Toys & Games including LEGO. They ship worldwide at very reasonable rates and all of its LEGO products are at US retail prices. There are no markups.


Shipping Rates (FREE Shipping for United States on orders above $25)

We would like to emphasize that this is an extremely good deal for people living outside of the United States as Barnes & Nobles has very reasonable international shipping rates. Listed below are the shipping rates for worldwide. What makes it even better is that the rates are still the same regardless of how big the item is. So the bigger the item, the better the deal!

  • International: First Item $12.98, Additional Items $5.49 each
  • Canada: First Item $6.48, Additional Items $2.49 each


There are no brokerage fees. For Canada, Barnes & Nobles will charge you 5% GST as taxes during the checkout process. You do not need to pay any additional fees when your item arrives. This means if you live in a high tax province like Newfoundland (15.5%) or Ontario (13%), you actually save on tax!

Price Comparsion

We will give an example on the LEGO Star Wars 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle set. Regular price for this set is $59.99 USD. With shipping costs added, final price will be $72.97 USD for countries outside of the USA and $66.47 USD for Canada. Convert the prices to your country’s currency and see how much you are saving compared to buying from your local retailers.

We did not list every single country but we assume that you get the point. This means you can save on LEGO everyday even when buying regular US prices! Of course, savings may not be as big if your country’s MSRP is close to the USA MSRP.

  • Australia: $72.97 USD (retails at $99.99 AUD)
  • Canada:  $66.47 USD (retails at $79.99 CAD)
  • France: $72.97 USD (retails at €74,90 EUR)
  • Germany: $72.97 USD (retails at €69,99 EUR)
  • United Kingdom: $72.97 USD (retails at £49.99 GBP)
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