Toys N Bricks is an online LEGO Fan Community that has been established since 2009. We offer coverage on various LEGO News, Creations and Reviews. The site started off initially as a LEGO News site and then eventually included a community LEGO Forum. We have over 10 000 members, 10 000 topics and 100 000 posts in the forums! (:

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Toys N Bricks is on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The Facebook and Twitter sites are alternative methods for you to follow our regular LEGO news updates. Flickr is for our fans to upload and share their LEGO Photography with us.

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A newsletter is sent out every few weeks to subscribers. These are mini summaries of some of the LEGO news that we have been reporting. If you don’t visit our site on a regular basis or just want to get a refresher of LEGO news, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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Forum Moderators

The LEGO Forums are monitored by a team of moderators which include Toys N Bricks, Iccy, Brickbuilder0937, vynsane and atmail35. We ensure that the forums remain a respectful medium for fans to exchange discussions and to share their LEGO experiences with us.

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