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    Lasting Toys Store in Canada is closing and they have increased their LEGO discounts (now up to 65% off). This includes newly just released sets such as LEGO Angry Birds at 25% off. They are located in Mississauga, Ontario and are open from Wednesday to Saturday. You can find out more about this week’s sale in the LEGO forums.

    LEGO 75823 Angry Birds Bird Island Egg Heist - Toysnbricks

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    Amazon America has price matched most of Toys R Us’ 20% off sale on select LEGO Star Wars. Some sets such as 75102 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter has been discounted as well, but at 15% off.

    LEGO Star Wars 75105 Millennium Falcon - Toysnbricks

    20% off LEGO Star Wars Sets

    75105 Millennium Falcon $119.99 (reg.$149.99)
    75103 First Order Transporter $71.99 (reg.$89.99)
    75093 Death Star Final Duel $63.99 (reg.$79.99)
    75101 First Order Tie Fighter $55.99 (reg.$69.99)
    75140 Resistance Trooper Transporter $55.99 (reg.$69.99)
    75139 Battle on Takodana $47.99 (reg.$59.99)
    General Grievous Buildable Figure $26.82 (reg.$34.99)
    75138 Hoth Attack $19.99 (reg.$24.99)
    75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber $19.99 (reg.$24.99)
    75136 Droid Escape Pod $19.99 (reg.$24.99)
    75099 Rey’s Speeder $15.99 (reg.$19.99)
    First Order Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren or Captain Phasma $19.99 each (reg.$24.99)

    LEGO Star Wars 75138 Hoth Attack- Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Statue of Liberty 40026 polybag set was available back in 2012 at the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store. Forum member slacker informs us that this set has been spotted again in 2016 at a Toys R Us Store in New Jersey. Price is $5.99 each. Hopefully, this isn’t just available at the Toys R Us stores in the New York region.

    LEGO Statue of Liberty 40026 Polybag Set - Toysnbricks

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    The Microsoft Online Store currently has ALL LEGO Dimensions sets on sale at 50% off. This includes their Starter sets as well. Offer is available in both USA and Canada. Thanks to forum member fleury for the news.

    LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack 71203 - Toysnbricks

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    Amazon America currently has LEGO City Van & Caravan on sale for $14.82 (reg.$19.99). Savings work out to be 26% off. They also got LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Speeder down to $15.99 (reg.$19.99) which works out to be 20% off.

    LEGO City 60117 Van & Caravan - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Ideas has made some updates into their submission rules. In particular, they will no longer accept any additional LEGO Ideas submissions that have already been produced as a LEGO Ideas set based on a third-party property.

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    Today we’ve updated our Guidelines and House Rules and Terms of Service to clarify the range of submission we’re able to produce as LEGO Ideas sets. This includes new limits to project size, scope, and subject matter. We’ve also simplified guidelines for collaborative projects. Here’s a summary of the updates:

    • Once we produce a LEGO Ideas set based on a third-party property, we will not accept more Ideas submissions based on that property. This sharpens our guideline on follow-up products based on LEGO Ideas submissions. Once we approve a licensed project for production through LEGO Ideas, we’ll archive other projects based on the same property and not accept new submissions based on the that property.
    • Projects must fit in a single product box, so we’re setting a part count limit of 3,000 pcs. While we can’t count the pieces in your photos, if your model looks too big we’ll send it back and ask you to submit a smaller model at our own discretion.
    • Projects must focus on a single concept or third-party property. This essentially expands on the “no playthemes or series” rule and also rules out “mass customization” projects (e.g. custom mosaic or minifigure makers) as well as combining more than one third-party property into a single project. (e.g. a project containing both Porsche and Ferrari cars).
    • It’s now simpler to collaborate on projects. We’ve removed the requirement to email us declaring your collaboration. You must still receive explicit permission from someone else before including their original work in your project. All new collaborative projects must mention collaborators’ LEGO Ideas usernames in the description, and state that their original work is included with the member’s explicit permission.
    • New restrictions on project contents
      • No iconic elements referencing third-party properties we find inappropriate for the LEGO brand
      • No large or human-scale weapons or weapon replicas of any kind, including swords, knives, guns, sci-fi or fantasy blasters, etc.
      • Projects may not propose LEGO Dimensions expansion packs
      • You may only use logos that belong to third-parties in the context of your model, similar to LEGO logo guidelines. You may not display logos that do not belong to you in your artwork, since this can imply endorsement from the logo owner.
    • New guidelines to help improve project descriptions
      • At minimum, please write your description to include a description of your model, why you built it, and why you believe it would make a great LEGO set.
      • In some cases, moderators may make basic grammatical changes on your behalf so we can speed up the approval of your project. We will never change the nature of your project and we’ll notify you by email if we make any changes.
    • Terms of Service now preserves projects that gain a significant following. While we understand you may occasionally want to delete a project with only a handful of supporters, to either re-submit with improvements or clean up your project portfolio, once a project reaches 1,000 supporters it will not be removed.
    • Terms of Service revises language regarding assignment of rights. We’ve worked with our Legal department to clarify how you assign us rights when you submit a project, and reassure you that you may share and publish your submission to promote your project online, in media, your portfolio, and other places for non-commercial purposes.

    We introduce these guidelines with the following steps:

    1. New Guidelines and moderation responses
    2. Archiving projects based on third-party properties commercialized through LEGO Ideas, including Hayabusa, Minecraft, Back to the Future, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, Ghostbusters, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, WALL·E, Caterham, Adventure Time, Beatles, and Apollo missions.
    3. Removing projects that don’t fit our new appropriate content requirements such as life-sized weapons or references to inappropriate third-party properties
    4. Other guidelines will be applied going forward and not retroactively

    Why these updates now?

    We write our Guidelines to help you submit projects that have a reasonable chance of being selected as a product in our LEGO Review. The paradox is that we can only learn what is possible to produce through LEGO Ideas by evaluating a wide range of projects and identifying project attributes that fit our capabilities over time.

    You’ve also shared opinions and suggestions about how to make LEGO Ideas an even better experience. We feel fortunate to have a passionate community that strives for this as much as we do. While we can’t accommodate every wish, your collective feedback has been incredibly valuable in making these changes to improving LEGO Ideas for as many as possible.

    Throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond, our team is working to improve the way we engage on the platform and social media, improving our internal LEGO Review process, and working on the overall long-term growth of the LEGO Ideas experience.

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    [USA] ToysRUs LEGO Sale: June 19-25

    This week from June 19 to 25, Toys R Us America will be offering a free LEGO City 30346 Prison Island Helicopter polybag set with purchases above $30. Offer is available in-stores only.

    In addition, forum member mickey223 informs us that a couple of the new 2016 LEGO Star Wars sets have been discounted by 20% off including 75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber to $19.99 (reg.$24.99). Many other sets have been discounted by about 40% off as well such as Creator Forest Animals for $11.99 (reg.$19.99). Details available in the Sales & Deals forum.

    LEGO City Prison Island Helicopter 30346 Polybag Set ToysRUs - Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Movie Sequel has been delayed and will be pushed back to 2019. It was originally suppose to air on May 18, 2018, but will now be pushed to on February 8th, 2019. The good news is that the movie hasn’t been cancelled, but only has been delayed! (via Gizmodo)

    LEGO Movie 2 Sequel Delayed to 2019

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