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    The new LEGO Avengers Hydra Showdown is now available for sale at Amazon America. It is available for immediate shipment. Price is $19.99. Thanks to Jim for the tip.

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Hydra Showdown 76030 - Toysnbricks

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    Target stores in America are now offering two new LEGO polybag sets for Easter 2015. The first is Mini Golf from the Friends line while the second one is Garbage Truck from LEGO City. Its interesting note that the Friends set is priced higher than the City set despite having fewer pieces. Thanks to forum members ncbarrett and scatmanjack for the news.

    30203 Mini Golf Friends Set (26 pieces – $3.99)LEGO Friends 30203 Mini Golf Polybag Set

    30313 Garbage Truck City Set (48 pieces – $3.49)

    LEGO City 30313 Trash Man Truck Polybag Set

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    Toys R Us stores in both Canada and America are now carrying the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Age of Ultron sets. The sets are due to be officially available beginning April 2015. Age of Ultron Movie will be released on May 1st, 2015.

    For those living in Canada, has 76041 The Hydra Fortress Smash available online for $59.99. They are also now carrying the March 2015 LEGO sets as well including Elves, Ninjago, City and more. The January 2015 LEGO exclusives are also no longer exclusive to LEGO Shop at Home and LEGO Brand Stores as ToysRUs has Modular Building Detective’s Office and Ideas Birds available as well.

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Hydra Fortress Smash 76041 Age of Ultron - Toysnbricks

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    Toy Fair News Roundup and Post-Mortem

    The 2015 New York Toy Fair has come and gone and I figured it would be a good idea to link to all the news in one place for anything anyone may have missed.

    Toy Fair Entrance

    All in all, I think it was a successful first time for Toys N Bricks but I definitely learned a lot about how to make the most of it and have a good long punch-list of things to remember for next year, particularly the fact that most large exhibitors require scheduling of appointments ahead of time, before the exhibition.

    For anything anyone might have missed, here are links to all the coverage articles I posted over the past week, broken out into appropriate sub-categories:

    Licensed LEGO Themes

    The licensed themes covered in the LEGO booth included Star Wars, Jurassic World, Scooby Doo, Marvel Superheroes, and DC Superheroes.

    Original LEGO Themes

    The original themes covered in the LEGO booth included Elves, Mixels, Creator, Friends, and City. Unfortunately I ran out of time to cover Ultra Agents, Binonicle, NinjaGo, or Legends of Chima.

    Clone/Other Brands

    In the clone/other category, I had the chance to check out forthcoming offerings from McFarlane Building Sets including a review of one “The Walking Dead” Collectible Figure.

    Hasbro had new products in the Kre-O range including the Kreon Battlechanger line and Kreon Warriors collectible figures – of which I received two two to review.

    I also got a chance to check out Pinblock, a new building system currently running a KickStarter campaign. I also posted a few pictures of creations I built thanks to some samples they were giving out.

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    Target stores in America are now into the 75% off range for Valentine’s Day items. In regards to LEGO, both the LEGO City 30311 Police Swamp Helicopter and LEGO Friends 30202 Smoothie Cart are discounted to about $1 each (reg.$3.99). Selection and price may vary depending on location. Thanks to forum member jmeninno and others for the heads up.

    30202 LEGO Friends Smoothie Stand Polybag 2015 - Toysnbricks

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    Fred Meyers stores in America are now carrying the new 2015 LEGO City 30311 Swamp Police Helicopter polybag. Forum member phantasmo33 reports finding them at his local store in Alaska, USA.

    LEGO City Swamp Police Helicopter Polybag Set 30311

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    ncbarrett reports to us that his local Toys R Us store in America is now carrying the new March 2015 LEGO sets. These sets were available for sale a few weeks ago at Amazon, but it appears that they have been taken down. Sets include Speed Champions, Ultra Agents, Pirates, Elves and more. Check your local Toys R Us store for stock availability.

    LEGO Elves 41072 Naida’s Spa Secret - Toysnbricks

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    Amazon America currently has LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Beach House on sale for $29 (reg.$39.99). Savings work out to be 27% off. They also got LEGO Chima Strainor’s Saber Cycle down to $10.99 (reg.$14.99) which works out to be 27% off as well.

    LEGO 41037 Friends Stephanie's Beach House - Toysnbricks

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