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    Forum members juflosolo and brickster90 informs us that the Summer 2015 LEGO Clearance sale at Wal-Mart USA has begun! Lots of items are on sale and they include the following, but not limited to the ones listed below:

    Ninja Turtles 79117 Turtle Lair Invasion – 74.00 (Reg. 99.97)
    Chima 70144 Laval’s Fire Lion – 35.00 (Reg. 49.97)
    Chima 70143 Sir Fangar’s Saber-Tooth Walker – 30.00 (Reg. 39.97)
    Superheroes 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel – 35.00 (Reg. 49.97)
    Superheroes 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission – 30.00 (Reg 39.97)
    LEGO Movie 70808 Super Cycle Chase – 35.00 (Reg. 49.97)
    Star Wars – several of the Microsets
    Still seeing Chima Mammoth and Ninjago Nindroid Mech dragon on clearance too

    *Selection and prices may vary depending on location.

    LEGO Super Heroes X-Men vs. The Sentinel 76022 - Toysnbricks

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    [USA] ToysRUs LEGO Sale: May 24-30

    This week from May 24-30, Toys R Us America will be offering a free LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype with any LEGO purchases of $30 or more. You can also begin reserving the new LEGO Dimension for $1. The game will be released on September 27th, 2015.

    30275 LEGO Star Wars Rebels Tie Advanced Prototype Polybag Set - Toysnbricks

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    Check out this cool creation from forum member Eddieslowhand1. Got a cool creation? Share it with us in the LEGO Cool Creations Forum.

    [MOC] Remote Controlled Technic V22 Osprey

      4 Forum Comments currently has LEGO Minecraft The Farm and Ender’s Dragon discounted by 20% off. Sale prices work out to be $23.99 and $55.99. Limit 1 per customer. Ships for free in America. Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

    LEGO Minecraft The Farm 21114 - Toysnbricks

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    The first box art image for the upcoming 60098 LEGO City Heavy Haul Train is now available. This set was spotted at the LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark by EB user PastVPresent. It is priced at 1499 DKK which is equivalent to approximately 200 Euros  or $225 USD.

    Thanks to Sam for contacting us with the news.

    LEGO City 60098 Heavy Haul Cargo Train (Pre) LEGOLand Billund

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    A couple more LEGO Dimensions Packs have been revealed over at pressa2join. There will be six more fun packs and one team pack coming out including themes from DC Comics, Ninjago and Back to the Future! How many more LEGO Dimensions packs are there? Thanks to forum member Brick_r for the heads up!

    LEGO Dimensions Team Pack DC Comics 71229 Joker and Harley Quinn

    LEGO Dimensions Team Pack 71229 Joker and Harley Quinn (Pre)


    Fun Packs

    DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO 71240 Bane Fun Pack
    Ninjago LEGO 71239 Golden Ninja Fun Pack
    DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO 71237 Aqua Man Fun Pack
    DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO 71236 Super Man Fun Pack
    Ninjago LEGO 71234  Sensei Wu Fun Pack
    Back to the Future LEGO 71230 Doc Brown Fun Pack

    LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs 71240 71239 71237 71236 71234 71230 Ninjago DC Comics BTTF

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    [USA] May 2015 LEGO Sale

    LEGO Star Wars Geonosis Troopers Battle Pack 75089 - Toysnbricks
    Summer is officially here and Amazon America has made quite a few discounts on a variety of sets. Pretty good buys on the City Cargo Train, Star Wars Jedi Scout Fighter and Chima Eris’ Fire Eagle Flyer! Free shipping on orders above $35.

    Recommended Deals

    27% off – Chima Eris’ Fire Eagle Flyer $21.84 (reg.$29.99)
    26% off – Star Wars Droid Gunship $37.04 (reg.$49.99)
    26% off – Chima Tormak’s Shadow Blazer $22.11 (reg.$29.99)
    25% off – Creator Mountain Hut $29.99 (reg.$39.99)
    24% off – Star Wars Jedi Scout Fighter $45.59 (reg.$59.99)
    24% off – Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue $22.79 (reg.$29.99)
    24% off – Hriends Heartlake Hair Salon $22.79 (reg.$29.99)
    24% off – Star Wars Geonosis Troopers $9.87 (reg.$12.99)
    22% off – City Cargo Train $156.99 (reg.$199.9)

    Other Great Buys

    30% off – Creator Roaring Power $20.99 (reg.$29.99)
    28% off – Turtle Sub Undersea Chase $42.99 (reg.$59.99)
    29% off – Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated & Expanded $13.4 (reg.$18.99)
    28% off – City Arctic Outpost $35.99 (reg.$49.99)
    25% off – City Coast Guard Patrol $59.99 (reg.$79.99)
    24% off – Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City $90.84 (reg.$119.99)
    24% off – Movie MetalBeard’s Duel $26.49 (reg.$34.99)
    21% off – Star Wars The Ghost $70.68 (reg.$89.99)

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    ToysRUs Canada LEGO Sale: May 22-28

    This week from May 22-28, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 20% off ALL LEGO Duplo, Movie and Ultra Agents Building sets. Free shipping on orders above $49. In addition, you can get a free $10 LEGO Savings Card with purchase of $50 or more on LEGO City, Elves, Ninjago, Friends, Minecraft and Disney Princess. LEGO Savings Card can be used from June 5-July 2, 2015 on purchases above $10.

    May 2015 LEGO Sale Canada Toys R Us

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