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    Australia will be getting its first LEGO Store at Dreamworld in Queensland State! The brand new store will be located at Gold Coast Theme Park in Dreamworld. It probably won’t be exactly like the standalone LEGO Brand Retail stores, but this is definitely a great start. The store will be open later this year in 2016. You can read more at Nova1069.

    LEGO Brand Store - Toys N Bricks

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    Until May 5th, the Real Canadian Superstore will be offering 20% off select LEGO Star Wars sets. I dropped by my local store and it looks like most of the LEGO Star Wars sets are on sale at 20% off. These include Rey’s Speeder, First Order Snowspeeder, First Order Battle Pack, Resistance Trooper Battle Pack, Ultrabuilds and more!

    LEGO Star Wars 75099 Rey's Speeder - Toysnbricks

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    For the first 2016 LEGO Ideas Review, nine projects have qualified to be in the review stage! All these projects have reached 10 000 supporters so big congrats to everyone that made it this far. You can read more about the qualifying projects on LEGO Ideas.

    Fossil Museum (by whatpumpkin)
    Gingerbread House (by Swan Dutchman)
    Jedi High Council Chamber (by lojaco)
    Jurassic Park Visitor Center (by LDiEgo)
    Modular Train Station (by LegoWolf)
    Old Fishing Store (by robenanne)
    Particle Accelerator (by JKBrickworks)
    Rolling BB-8 !! (by mjsmiley and artbot138)
    Johnny Five (by PepaQuin)

    Potential LEGO Ideas Creation Gingerbread House Swan Dutchman

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    The new LEGO 71012 Disney LEGO Collectable Series Minifigures is now sold out at the LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada). They were sold out midday on the initial date of release on May 1st, 2016. Your best bet now is to check your local stores for availability.

    For those living in Europe, LEGO Shop at Home UK still has them instock at £2.49 each. However, they probably won’t last too long over there so if you haven’t ordered yours yet, you should soon!

    71012 The Disney Series LEGO Minifigures - Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Group, a private company owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family has announced that it will pass over its ownership to the next generation. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen will switch roles with his son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen. Thomas is the fourth generation of the LEGO family.

    “The Kirk Kristiansen family, which owns the LEGO Group, announces today that the family will now take important steps in the smooth handover of active ownership to the next generation – a process which has been under way for several years.

    Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (68) and his son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen (37), will swap roles on the board of directors of LEGO A/S – with Thomas Kirk Kristiansen becoming deputy chairman and his father becoming an ordinary member of the board. On the board of the LEGO Foundation Thomas Kirk Kristiansen becomes chairman, with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen becoming deputy chairman.”

    You can read more about the handover at the LEGO Press Release room.

    Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen LEGO Group Handover 2016

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    Forum member cmdr_rg informs us that currently has a promotion where if you buy three or more select LEGO sets, you can get an additional 20% off (up to $50). Works on already discounted items. One of the set included is 60097 LEGO City Square which is on sale at $139.5. With the 20% off, you will bring it down to $111.60 (reg.$189.99). Promotion is good until May 3rd and comes with free shipping.

    60097 LEGO City Square - Toysnbricks

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    [USA] LEGO City Square – 27% off

    Amazon America currently has LEGO City 60097 City Square on sale for $139.5 (reg.$189.99). Savings work out to be 27% off. They also got LEGO Friends Heartlake Private Jet down to $22.62 (reg.$29.99) which works out to be 25% off.

    LEGO City 60097 City Square (Pre) - Toysnbricks

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    Wal-Mart Canada currently has LEGO Friends Hot Air Balloon on sale at 50% off. Price is now $20 (reg.$39.99). The item is now out of stock online, however, you can use their “check availability in-stores”. Great set for parts or for gifts! Thanks to forum member rexx for the heads up.

    41097 LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon - Toysnbricks

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